El Jaraiz de Don Marciano


Charming hotel and spa in Castilla y León

In our hotel we have a unique relaxation area in the province where you can enjoy a private swimming pool so that you can have the relaxation time you need.

In the pool we find different relaxation elements where we can free ourselves from the conflicts that everyday life generates. You can relax your neck and back in the swan waterfall, as well as disconnect from reality in the illuminated water wall with colour therapy and conclude this relaxing bath by lying down on the bubble bed. 


Spa relaxation area

Both our guests at El Jaraiz de Don Marciano and other people who wish to use the facilities of this charming hotel and spa in Castilla y León can contact the hotel management and request a reservation, where they will be informed of the availability and price of the service. Contact us without obligation and enjoy an idyllic moment of disconnection and peace.

The facility has a rest area with sun loungers as well as a bathroom and changing area where you can change in peace and quiet. It should also be noted that, as it is for private use, only customers who have booked the facility in advance will have access to it.